Daniel Adkins Justice

                            "Where there is injustice anywhere...(Sanford, Florida)

 ...there is injustice everywhere" (Phoenix, Arizona)  MLK, Jr

But let judgment run down as waters...
In Memorium of...

Daniel Adkins, Jr
...and justice righteousness as a mighty stream.
(Amos 5:24)

In Phoenix Arizona

Child-like, Hispanic/Latino, brown skinned man gunned down

By African-American black skinned man


* Finnally, Finally, Finally

Cordell Lamar Jude, Arrested For The Killing of Daniel

As you know, Maricopa County arrested Cordell Lamar Jude was arrested on July 14,2012 for drug possession/weapon use and held with no bond which was not related to Daniel Adkins case, but it does show what kind of person Jude is.


However, here is good news that we all have been waiting for...


"I would like to show my gratitude to all those who signed the petition. On Friday July 28,2012 grand jury indicted Cordell lamar Jude on 1 count of second degree murder in the death of Daniel Adkins, his arrangement is scheduled for August 9,2012. All efforts to bring justice to Daniel Adkins is appreciated. We know Jude will still have to go through the judicial process. but for now this he is being held accountable for the murder of Daniel Adkins."

Patricia Franklin co-spokesperson


I would like to thank all of Justice for Daniel Adkins supporters,any information received helps.

"Hope reigns eternal"





ABS/Re-Patriot Radio

is actually spearheading getting justice for Daniel and his family.


Does this story sound familiar???


Well, it is moving towards becoming a huge and perhaps a "nation-changing" incident

in the kaotic din of the racial arguement in America...and you are now a part of it.

We seek "equal justice under the law"

Justice for Trayvon...Justice for Daniel Too

Every Black, African-American leader whether liberal or conservative must speak up on this travesty and miscarriage of justice...including the President of the United States of America

Please sign the online petition



For more story on Daniel please Google "Daniel Adkins, Jr."


See The Killer Gloat Over His Murder of Daniel