Their Deafening Silence and Conspicuous Absence
The Congressional Black Caucus:
So called, "the conscience of the Congress.

Like the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the so-called civil rights based Congressional Black Caucus also rushed to add fuel to fire of re-heated  anti-White racial rhetoric by the "usual suspects" African-Americans.

Actually, led by certain members of the CBC such as the Hon. Rep.  Fedrica Wilson, (D), Florida, and her demonstrative, head-lines grabbing,cohort,  the Hon. Bobby Rush, former 1960's Black Panther who sold out the movement for "Black liberation in Amerikkka" to the proverbial "capitalist pig, White man", the Congressional Hispanic Caucus foolishly followed them in yet another bogus racial charge in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case of Sanford, Florida.

In their intoxicated fog and din of destructive, self-centered, but fleeting power, the CBC and their "Brown-Black coalition" partner, the CHC, have ensnared themselves into a poetically justified situation that will ultimately discredit them, and the racist antics that have been used to destroy our country.

Thinking that they had another ideological weapon by which they can deride the traditional American "White boy" as racist killers of innocent African-American young men as a continuing policy of Republican, Jewish, conservative, genocide of Blacks, reality is being demonstrated as just the opposite.

After typically rushing to judgement, that is prejudice, it turns out now that George Zimmeran is not an Anglo-English speaking, blue-eyed, devil-like, White guy, but rather a young, brown-skinned Democrat of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity of the Caucasian race, with perhaps a little bit of Jew (Ashkenazi-White European), and maybe African genetics.

Despite who did what to whom that fateful evening in Sanford, between these two tragic young, contrary to the racist antics which has led to several Black-on-White violent attacks throughout the various parts of the nation in the name of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman is not the "White man".

This is a critical and perhaps fatal matter for the "Brown-Black coalition" of Hispanic/Latinos and African-American Blacks against the American White man, because it was a Hispanic/Latino, White guy with brown skin that in racist fevor, hunted down and brutally murdered an innocent, young black skinned teenage boy.

Now that the facts are coming out, and the lynch mob intigated by the "usual suspects" with the help of the general media, how can the CBC and CHC retreat from their racist, prejudice statements and antics?  How can they now save their intregity?  They have blown it!

Making Matters Worse For Them: Daniel Adkins
Finally, all the aforementioned race hustlers and their organizations have been caught, not caring for the Hispanic/Latino and African-American minority peoples, but rather their personal, economic, social and political gains.

This is clearly evident that when the whote world has seen these folks rush to Sanford, Flordia sceaming "justice for Trayvon and the immediate arrest of the murdering, White racist, George Zimmerman" and have not as yet done or even said anything about the killing of the child-like Danial, a brown-skinned, Hispanic/Latino by a black skinned, African-American, Lamar Cordell Jude.

Unlike the Martin/Zimmerman matter where there is controversy about whom did what to whom in an apparent physical struggle between the two young men whereby one was shot at body-to-body range, that of Adkins/Jude is of no comparrison.

While one involved a single gun shot at body-to-body close range, the other was done from behind the protection of an automobile, fired from the drivers side lowered window, into the heart of Danial Adkins several yards away.

The injustice in this matter is not that the Phoenix Police Department has been reluctant in its duties in the matter, as well as that of the general media, but rather the deafening silence and conspicous absence of the Congressional Black Caucus in demanding justice for Danial Adkins.

Apparently, not recognizing that there is plenty of element in Sanford and Phoenix to majorly help resolve and heal the race crisis in America, they each fear that if either the CBC or the CHC take proper actions, it could very well lead to the exposing their behavior and rhetoric as the anti-American movements that they are.

"Leading our communities and country with passion and commitment, the Congressional Black Caucus continuously strives to be a voice for the voiceless, earning the moniker 'the conscience of the Congress.

"Usual Suspects"

Rep. Bobby "hoodie" Rush, (D), Illinois

Rep. Emanuel Cleavr, Ch-CBC,
(D) Missouri

George Zimmerman
Daniel Adkins

Trayvon Martin

Lamar Cordell

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D) Florida
Pres.  Barack Husein Obama

US Attorney General, Eric Holder

Rep.Charles Gonzaless Rep.  Ed Pastor

What kind of a national, Congressional Conscious supposedly leading the African-American black skinned peoples commuinty when the CBC, under the leadership of the Hon. Emanuel Cleaver demonstrates such blatantly hypocritical behavior as it is demonstrating in the killing of Daniel Adkins.

It is now wonder that African-American, black skinned, descendants of the chattel slaves behave in their manner.  They are simply mimicing the conduct of the characters that call themsleves their Congressional leaders.

Based on skin color and not content of character, all Based on skin color and not content of character, all of these guys could be related in the same family

There is not one, Anglo, English-speaking, White-Caucasian, Traditional "Gringo" looking indidividual among them. Therefore, what is the issue? What race issue?

Notice, that according to skin color as the criteria as to whom is guilty or innocent in an intra-racial conflict, those who have used such to automatically condemn "Whites" now find themselves in a non-face saving sitution.

Remember Mr. Obama's statement that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin...based on apparent skin color. This behavior of the President is totally contrary to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s adominition of character content is preimmenant over skin color in matters of equal justice under the law.

According to skin color, the Hon. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson could actually be the mother of George Zimmerman, Daniel Adkins, Charles Gonzalas, Ed Pastor, Emanuel Cleaver, Bobby Rusch, Eric Holder and even Barack Husein Obama as well, before she could be that of Trayvon Martin or Lamar Cordell Jude.

This whole matter is GOD-sent, because it is slated to discredit the host of "usual suspects" race-baiting hustlers and their nation-destroying antics, thereby making room for responsible and credible leadership. Thank you.