Their Deafening Silence and Conspicuous Absence
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus
the "usual suspects", Hispanic/Latino Community Vanguard

Appearing loud and luminous, and without regard to making thorough investigation in to the facts of what occurred the evening that the Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman as well the due processes of law in the State of Florida, out a ill-fated bias and prejudice against apparent White or Caucasian Americans, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, called for immediate US Department of Justice investigation into the matter.

Please see following statement from the Congressional Hispanic Caucaus

Washington D.C.: Chairman Charles A. Gonzalez (TX 20) released the following statement regarding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and his request for the Justice Department to investigate:

“It is with dire urgency that we ask Sec. Eric Holder and the Dept. of Justice to launch an independent investigation of the killing of Trayvon Martin.  Our children of color need and deserve equal protection under the law.  

“Without a thorough and competent examination, we will never know fully what transpired that tragic night. Failing to investigate an incident with so many uncertainties is a disservice to the residents of Sanford and an affront to the core concepts of civil rights.

“To compromise our legal system and the basic tenets of justice this way sends a message to our children of color that their lives do not have value. I urge Sec. Holder to take the first step in restoring justice and investigate Trayvon’s killing.”

It was/is a good thing that the CHC called upon the Justice Department to investigate the Zimmmerman-Martin matter, but unfortunately, it was based on bias that the shooting was racially motivated as one agains "our children of color", therefore a Civil Rights issue.

The Confusing Hypocrisies of the CHC Are Several

One, how can the CHC call for a Civil Rights investigation based on race when George Zimmerman is of brown skin hue even similar to that of Trayvon Martin and President Barack Hussein Obama who professed that the later could look like his own son if he had one.   How can Martin be "child of color" if Zimmerman is not being they both have very similar skin complexion.

All these folks have a similar skin color hue of Brown complexions.  Where is the racist, White boy?   Which one?  This looks like Brown skin on Brown skin crime! White on Black racism?

Rep. Charles Gonzales, Ch-CHC (D) Texas


George Zimmerman

Trayvon Martin

Daniel Adkins

Lamar Cordell

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D) Florida

Barack Hussein Obama
US Attorney General, Eric Holder
  Rep.  Ed Pastor

Based on skin color and not content of character, all of these guys could be related in the same family

There is not one, Anglo, English-speaking, White-Caucasian, Traditional "Gringo" looking indidividual among them.  Therefore, what is the issue?  What race issue?

Notice, that according to skin color as the criteria as to whom is guilty or innocent in an intra-racial conflict, those who have used such to automatically condemn "Whites" now find themselves in a non-face saving sitution.

Remember Mr. Obama's statement that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin...based on apparent skin color.

 This behavior of the President is totally contrary to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s adominition of character content is preimmenant over skin color in matters of equal justice under the law.

According to skin color, the Hon. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson could actually be the mother of George Zimmerman, Daniel Adkins, Charles Gonzalas, Ed Pastor, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and even Barack Husein Obama as well, before she could be that of Trayvon Martin or Lamar Cordell Jude.

Another, is that Zimmerman, like Chairman of the CHC, the Hon, Charles A. Gonzales is actually a Hispanic/Latino of the White or Caucasian race himself.

Therefore, it stands to reason, that the racism towards Trayvon Martin and other African-American "children of color" is coming not from the "White boy-man", but rather from their Spanish counter parts, that is, White-Caucasian Hispanic/Latino community.

In the matter of Adkins and Jude, there is yet no evidence that it is a racial conflict.  However, it does appear racial based on the reasoning and shananigans conducted by the "usual suspects" in the Martin-Zimmerman matter in Sanford, Florida.

Until such evidence has been successfully presented as race or racial revenge being the motives behind Jude killing Adkins and not that of road rage, we are simply demanding that, according to law, and not racial fears, we are calling upon the CHC, CBC and other related entities that ivolved themselves in the Trayvon Maring matter join us in demamding that an arrest be made immediately.

Discrediting The "Usual Suspects"

This being the case, such changes not only the natuare of the whole chattel slave-race discussion in America, but firmly discredits for all time, and ends the careers of those certain Africa-American "usual suspects" race charming merchants, finally allowing for a new breeze of hopeful, intra-racial empathy.

Continuing:  While Zimmerman supposedly has some modicum of African-American Black in his genetic makeup, along with a bit of Jewish, whatever that gene is (probably Ashkenazi which is White-Caucasian-European origin), he is predominantly of the Hispanic/Latino ethnicity, even able to speak the Spanish language, and according to his birth certificate, his father and most other people of his racial heritage, he is a White guy.Do you see the severe problem facing the CHC in this matter of Daniel Adkins

 \   In a haste to demonstrate to "civil rights" African-Americans  their solidarity for the purported "Brown-Black" coalition against the "White man", Hispanic/Latino leaders and assorted entities foolishly joined the confused, emotionally, politically driven, race mob to condemn Zimmerman as a murdering racist, without due process of law.  Essentially, a lynching.

     Ironically, to date these same entities and idividuals of the Hispanic/Latino community vanguard have refused to enter into the tragic matter of Daniel Adkins.

     It is time that they redeem themselves now, but joing the movements of Justice For Daniel Adkins and helping to put a sensible end to race-baiting in the affairs of American society.

     Let this action of Justice be a memorial to the child-like man Daniel Adkins.