Their Deafening Silence and Conspicuous Absence
The General News Media

Giving the impression of an biased agenda, the general news media that was hasty to declare the incident in Sanford, Florida where first it was presumed and reported that a "White guy" (traditional "gringo" or Jew) being the killer of Trayvon Martin was racially motivated, have now discovered that George Zimmerman is actually Hispanic/Latino, White-Caucasianr, with brown or tan skin.

Not that the family and supporters of slain Daniel Adkins desire that the general news media cover the travesty as it did in Sanford, Florida of whipping up a lynch mob mentality against his killer, a black skinned, African-American, but rather expose the truth as to why the Phoenix, Arizona authorities, including the municipal, country, state and federal representatives, such as the Hon. Congressman Ed Pastor, 4th Distict, Phoeniz has attempted to cover up the the matter.

Though following the lead of the Phoenix Police Department, it was not until Re-Patriot Radio research staff forced the issue that the authorities finally revealed the identity of the un-arrested killer of Daniel Adkins, being one Lamar Cordell Jude, because of his race.

Among a plythora of fears, both the Police Department and general news media feared racial civil unrest between White Hispanic/Latino and African-Americans, exposing the hpocrisy in the matter, and of course, the leadership of the race-baiting so called "Brown-Black" coalition would find themselves losing their deceptive unity hold against the traditional White man.

It is only right that the general news media courageously and immediately give the proper coverage of this matter that is deserves.