Their Deafening Silence and Conspicuous Absence
Government Authorities

Re-Patriot Radio's investigation staff has been exposing what the Phoenix authority has tried to keep hid in hopes that it will be buried and forgotten like little Daniel who was buried on Easter Sunday
It appears that only after Sue Payne, talk broadcast host of Philidelphia's WNJC 1360 AM, Re-Patriot (AM-INTernet) Radio's "Bordering On Insanity" and Co-host of "AMERICAN BLACK SHIELD", director of the Network's investigation department, began reseaching and questioning the manner in which the responsible Phoenix authorities were handling the point blank killing of young Daniel Adkins.
As you may know or not, the controversy lies around not so much the "Stand Your Ground" defense law that the killer was claiming to justify his shooting of little Daniel, but rather mostly why he has not be arrested by the Phoenix police department.
 In fact, unlike the matter in Sanford Florida where the killer of Trayvon Martin was at least immediately arrested, taken into custody and questioned by authorities before releasing him, the man who coldly took the life of the child-like man in Phoemix, who went straight to his home unmolested by police.
Indeed, in light of the Sanford, Florida matter, it must be considered that the reason for the authorities not arresting the killer is his race and racial character, being African-American-Black, therefore he was not and has not been arrested for fear of a plythora of hypocritical, ironic and contradictory controversy would arise, including the possibility of civil unrest of untold dimensions.
In fact, the Phoenix police department not only refused to release the name of Daniel's killing assailant to the press, but terrifyingly denied the information to the grieving family as well, for the same aforementioned fears.
Only afer Sue Payne did her activist research work, did the authorities finally released the killer's name, that being 22 year old, Lamar Cordell Jude, on Thursday, May ___..._____ days after his killing of Daniel.
Also, strangely and defeaningly silent on this very telling case, is that of the news media, the "usual suspects" African-American,

civil rights leaders and the related organizations in the public and private sectors of society and even those of the Hisapanic/Latino communities. Please see links to these.....
Sue Payne, myself of Re-Patriot Radio and a constituency of other activists throughout America who are primarily Blacks, are standing with the grieving family of Daniel Adkins advocating activisms that will ensure judicial justice in this horrific matter.
Listed here are the authorities that have been contacted and we are monitoring, they are:
The FBI; DOJ Civil Rights Criminal Division, Maricopa County Attorney's Office, Congressman Ed Pastor; Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton an Council Member Michael Nowakowski, Al Sharpton's National Action Network has also been contacted- so far no reply...

the Judicial Watch in Washington, DC and even the ACLU; and several activist entities for the mentally impaired....