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Being that nobody else in and of the African-American Community will...
I Take The Responsibility

That The "Usual Suspects" African-American Leaders Refuse To Do So

Please see below links concerning various, senseless atrocities
against innocent American White Peoples occurring throughout the United States
committed by crazed young Blacks, i.e. descendants of the chattel slaves due to a generation of race-baiting antics of the god-father of the "usual suspects" so called African-American civil rights leaders such as Jesse Jackson et al.

Second Video Shows Brutal Gang Attack On Tourist Outside Baltimore Courthouse | The Smoking Gun

Justice for Daniel Adkins

And many others you are seeing and hearing about throughout the nation
without a word from the African-American leaders and President Barack Hussein Obama

We must have Mr. Obama now say that the killer in this case, can be his son also as Trayvon Martin...

I am a son of the chattel slaves and an American US citizen
in this E  Pluribus Unum "out of many one" united Judaic-Christian New Nation under GOD,
Who has Annuit Ceptus-"favored our undertaking"...

Therefore, as such, while not guilty of these crimes,
I do take responsibility for them, especially in light of the fact that
the "usual suspects" African-American so-called civil rights leaders
refuse to acknowledge the atrocities and take measures to stop them

Without controversy, the ugliness that has occurred to the Americans
upon whose back this nation of immigrants was/is built,
such as over 300 years of chattel slavery by England and America
as well as the 99 years of post Civil War racist legislation,
and the fatal poison pill of big government socialistic welfare programing,
all which has injured this peculiar peoples for generations yet to come...

There is no excuse for such nasty and shamefully, embarrassing behavior
as being perpetrated by young peoples against innocent fellow Americans.

Indeed, two wrongs never make a right!  Such actions is not only futile,
but dangerous to ourselves, which time and space won't allow me to address.
Also, it is taught in Hebrew Holy Scripture - The Bible, "Envy not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways"

We descendants of the chattel slaves, of all people must not and can not behave ourselves in the manner of the KKK, the generations of Democratic Party leadership, lest we receive the greater rebuke from GOD, because we say that we see and actually do not.  "To whom much is given, much is expected" Jesus Christ

Therefore, on behalf of good will, peace and civility for the sake and Healing of our beloved nation,
as I take responsibility for this antics of certain of my peoples,
I implore and admonish all Americans to have patience and learn from me, and others
the remedies by which we can rectify this generational unhealed slave-race "wound"
that the United States inherited from the British Empire on July 2-4,1776

Thank you for your consideration and do visit www.TedHayes.US
to increase your understanding of the most crucial matter, more than 10th  confronting the United States of America