Justice For Trayvon - Justice For Daniel Adkins

“Where there is injustice anywhere, there is injustice everywhere”

except where the Kingdom of GOD rules.

Who will the President choose to be his son this time?

Will Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton call for Justice for Daniel as they did for Trayvon?

Will the African-American “usual suspects” and the President make accusations of racism in this matter?


Daniel Adkins, a twenty-nine year old White, Hispanic/Latino child-like man of a twelve year old mental capacity and character, was instantly killed when he received a 40 caliber bullet through his heart fired point-blank from a pistol in the hand of a twenty-two year old African-American, Black man by the name of Lamar Jude Cordell.


As one who has taken responsibility for this atrocity, on behalf of Black US citizens and all American people beleaguered and growing ever weaker from the near fatal, unhealed, festering, chattel slave-race “wound” that the United States inherited-bought from the British Empire July 2-4,1776, I trumpet and drum for interest in the following actions;


  1. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson join with me, along with all the other African-American personalities, including the Hon. President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, et al in demonstrating justice in the matter of Daniel Adkins, of Phoenix, Arizona, immediately, even as was done in Sanford, Florida in the Martin-Zimmerman case.


  1. The President is to claim either Daniel Adkins or Lamar Jude Cordell, who is the killer as a young man that could look like his son.


  1. Immediately set into motion the dream that Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. prophesied in “I Have A Dream” concerning the fellowship of Healing that would result from a Table of Brotherhood conversation between two specific American groups, they being the “sons of former slave owners” (traditional, Anglo-English speaking, White-Caucasians) and “sons of former slaves” (exiled out of Africa, West African, Blacks-Negro *Spanish).  Dr. King, Jr. says, “I have a dream, that one day the former sons of slaves and the former sons of slave owners will sit together at the Table of Brotherhood”


Narrative: The Ironical and Paradoxical Situation of the President and The Nation, et al

Should the President chose the African-American, descendant of the chattel slaves because they both are such descent, thereby insinuating that the shooter is therefore justified in the killing of Daniel.


Since the late 1960’s, which experienced the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., whenever there is an intra-racial conflict in the United States, especially involving law enforcement, no matter the facts, African-Americans, i.e. Blacks, the descendants of the chattel slaves are generally presumed to be the innocent party. 


Such prejudicial judgment is preceded by the continuing antics of race-blaming or baiting by the “usual suspects” African-American, civil right leaders who cleverly agitate one of the most vulnerable societal ills of the unhealed, chattel slave-race “wound”, known as the so-called White guilt complex.


Based on his character and record to date, when it comes to race relations, it appears that the message of the first African-American, “black” US Chief Executive of the Law, Barrack Hussein. Obama, is that skin color (tan-brown), and an assumed co-experience of having chattel slave ancestors whose descendants were suppressed under race legislation of certain States, is the factor by which law is executed?


Essentially, a message of false security is being sent to young, descendants of the chattel slaves, that they feel that they are immune from prosecution and punishment for crimes that they commit against Whites, which is fatal assumption.  Apparently, this is precisely the agenda of Mr. Obama, which is Blacks committing crimes against White people for which they will ultimately end in “the racist”, unjust judicial systems.


Skin For Skin

Ironically, George Zimmerman the killer has the very same skin coloring as his victim Trayvon Martin as well as that of the Commander In Chief himself…a brown/tan…A colored people or People of Color.


Furthermore, though Zimmerman could be Martins big brother in coloring, George is actually Hispanic, or Hispanic/Latino, which in reality is simply a very large ethnic group which happens to be White-Caucasian.  Such distinction is according to the US Federal Government, including the Census, Customs, Home Land Security and FBI, etc. as well as the birth certificate of George Zimmerman and all other Hispanic/Latino peoples, whether Mexican, Central and South America, except Brazil, etc., Spaniard, certain Cuban and Puerto Rican, et al.


However, the killer is guilty, not based on the facts, but rather on his assumed race as apparent traditional, Americana, White-Caucasian, Anglo-English speaking “white bread”, and perhaps even Jew-Ashkanazi, last name being “Zimmerman”.  This race antic by the “usual suspects” is backfiring, because, though George in not White in the traditional American sense, but rather is so via his genetics, he is brown-tan, making him a people of color based on appearance.


Note: The earlier photos of Zimmerman depicted him with near white skin and racial features.  However, the latest photos and live television views show him a very Hispanic/Latino-Mexican looking with brown-tan skin.


Yet, the African-American President, for some reason chose to weigh in on the matter of Zimmerman-Martin before the facts, basing his judgment on initial racial skin color and surname, is actually a White-Caucasian guy himself.


White Man With A Genetic Tan

Mr. Obama’s mother is White; he was brought up in “White” culture and education; his father though being a black skinned, Negroid racial featured East African, Kenyan, was also educated in “White” Marxist-socialist culture (besides, Africans do not see themselves as one with the descendants of the chattel slaves) gave him genetic tan, skin color cover to pose and exploited the emotional weaknesses of American Blacks.


A Socialist, Anarchist Strategy

The idea that Obama posed himself with Trayvon, supposedly base on African-American skin color, when in actuality the President is genetically more like George, clearly reveals the anarchical strategy to cause racial confusion.


From Sanford, Florida To Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, Arizona, The situation in Phoenix, Arizona puts Mr. Obama is very precarious circumstance of his own doing.

Ø      The purported African-American “black” President has to choose one of these two men who are demanding justice. Remember, the slain Daniel Adkins is Hispanic/Latino, Caucasian like George Zimmerman, who could color-wise be Trayvon’s big brother, who looks like the White President with a genetic tan.


Ø      Did the President choose Trayvon Martin because he was the slain victim, which on surface generally empathy goes to the deceased having nothing to do with race or color?  If so, Mr. Obama will have no difficulty with demanding that Justice be done in matter of Daniel Adkins.


Ø      If nothing else, base on his character and track records on issues of race, he should choose Daniel, because they both are White-Caucasian, whereas, the killer Lamar Jude Cordell is African-American, Black, descendant of the chattel slaves, who experientially in America has nothing do with none of the aforementioned.


So America, what is it going to be?  Recognizing the martyrdom of the child-man, Daniel Adkins is ironically the hope of the resurrection of Healing from a fatal wound, or simply a continuation of the phony lixuor of racial animosity?


It is up to us, America.  Let’s allow or call for "...Justice run down as waters, and Righteousness like a mighty stream" (Amos 5:24) in this horrific matter of Daniel Adkins.

We must raise the outrage!