Their Deafening Silence and Conspicuous Absence

The "Usual Suspects"

For the last generation, since the assassination the Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (47 years ago – April 4,1968-2012), the struggling peoples of the United States (Black and White) of America have suffered a continuous barrage of abusive race-baiting, guilt complex casting antics of certain African-American, "usual suspects" so-called civil rights leaders of the private and governmental sectors of society.

It has been these particular race hustlers who profess themselves to represent the sentiments of Blacks, i.e. the descendants of the chattel slaves as it relates to Whites, who have exploited the yet unhealed slave-race “wound” in America to their own personal, economic, social and political gain.

The American White guilt complexities has been the fertile soil in which these societal pain farmers have planted and cultivated their evil seeds of nation-paralyzing political correctness, especially that of speech, which yields them great harvests of wealth.

As certain enemies of the American Dream quest have predicted that it would end in a race war(s), it appears the dereliction of duty to true leadership actions by these African-American leaders, just may help to bring about that very doom.

 It is a fact, that African slaves have endured inhumane treatment beginning with the slave ship journey to America, followed by 235 years of British and American chattel enslavement, and another 99 years of anti-Black State legislation against their descendants, including thousands of reported beatings, property damage, lynching and murders etc, by White supremacist such as the Ku Klux Klan with very little justice  or retribution meted out by the judicial systems.  

However, it is no excuse for the kind of behavior that America is now witnessing from certain youths of the descendants of chattel slaves in their violent attacks upon innocent non-Black peoples, without any words or actions of rebuke and/or at least some explanations from the "usual suspects" African-American civil rights leaders.


Daniel Adkins, Trayvon Martin, Lamar Cordell Jude, George Zimmerman: 

Their Ironic commonality

The Daniel Adkins matter in Phoenix, Arizona is the most striking example of the growing, blatant hypocrisy that is being exhibited by these certain leaders on behalf the masses of the American Black US citizens, thereby giving the impression that they all concur with it.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

As an historically oppressed peoples of 382 years, more than all the other ethno-racial groups, the descendants of the chattel slaves have a unique and unprecedented first-hand knowledge of the ugly, humiliating experiences of injustice by the force of government and general society in America.

Such knowledge sets Americans of the slave heritage in the most elevated position to demonstrate moral rectitude in society, which is why at least, 99 % of them reject the race baiting antics of these certain African-American leaders.

Therefore, we are saddened by  what has tragically happened to the child-like man, Daniel Adkins and his surviving family, and do demand and expect that justice be done for them and society accordingly.

The "Stand Your Ground" Law Defense
However, the incident in Phoenix on April 3 rd, 2012, 5 days before Easter Sunday, which is polar opposite of what occurred in Sanford, Florida between two other young men, one being brown skinned, Hispanic/Latino of the White-Caucasian race, while the other, African American-Black.

In the Phoenix case, the shot and killed is Hispanic/Latino, White with brown skin, whereas, the shooter-killer is a black skinned, African-American claiming the "Stand Your Ground" law defense.

The nation and world recently saw the African-American "usual suspects” and their allies including direct participation of certain news media outlets, along with various Hollywood celebrities, includiong the United States President, gin up a KKK style lynch mob mindset throughout the nation, based solely on the apparent racial characteristics of the White, Hispanic/Latino with brown skin.

Despite the law, it was demanded that the assailant be immediately arrested or there would be no peace in the nation until it is done. Of course, due to such political pressure, the state of Florida had no choice but to comply with the demands of the ginned up peoples. Fine! Well done, "usual suspects"

Now the question remains, almost two months (to date) after the killing of young Daniel and with no arrest of his killer, Where now is the outcry from the African-American "usual suspects"? Where now is the media? There is a deafening silence and a conspicuous absence of the aforementioned “crusaders of justice.”

Without proper investigation, these anti-American elements played the usual race-bait card in the matter of Sanford, Florida, simply because of an initial appearance of the killer, being White-Hispanic and the deceased, African-American, with black skin (actually brown).

Now the question is asked, "Was the killing of Daniel, a White Hispanic-Latino by the African-American Black , one of racism"? Or as some would say, "No matter what they do, Blacks can' be racist!"

The fact of the matter is, nobody but the killer knows that, and perhaps, some of his closest friends, and of course Daniel himself.  Nevertheless, we must allow the law take it's full course and not jump to conclusions as the folks did around the Sanford matter.

Either way, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, etc, the child-like man Daniel, was shot point blank in the heart and killed by young Lamar Cordell Jude who has not yet been arrested.

The questioning now continues, Where are the "usual suspects" on this one?

While the killing of Daniel may or may not be racially driven, if they don’s soon answer this matter, it is beginning to look like it each day that passes with no arrest of Mr. Jude.

Something is horribly amiss and nation-destructive in this country as the world witnesses this blatant miscarriage of justice by both the private and governmental sectors of our vaunted American society.

GOD willing, by HIS Mercy, Grace and Power, we will cause Justice for Daniel and Healing for his family and eventually the whole nation, as well as the discrediting of the "usual suspects" race agitators who seek to destroy the United States of America.